Article Vault

I have assembled some great articles that provide cool tips and useful ideas for homeowners. I’m always gathering new articles and update this section often to share what I think is helpful and sometimes just plain FUN!

  • Low E Windows. Have you heard about this new glass technology that is both green and energy efficient? Here is a great article explaining about how these windows can cut your cooling bill dramatically. LOW-E WINDOWS
  • Here is a cool article about some recent BATHROOM REMODELING TRENDS. Be sure to check it out.
  • Want Green? We are seeing more and more MLS fields that identify properties as “Green”. Read more about it here GREEN HOMES & FEATURES
  • Kitchens remain a top remodeling trend and here are some updated ideas on practical designs with maximum impact. NEW KITCHEN IDEAS
  • Cleaning up or cleaning out can always be a pain but here are some really cool ideas. CHECK OUT THE GARBAGE CAN TRICK, I DO IT TOO!. CLEANING TIPS
  • E-Waste! Ever heard that term? In today’s world of advanced electronics with many being almost disposable it is important to understand how we can help discard these items in an Eco-friendly manor. RECYCLE E-WASTE
  • Hardscapes have become so popular over the last decade that almost everyone has either done a hardscape project or contemplated doing one. Here is a great little article about maintaining your hardscapes for years to come. MAINTAIN & PROTECT YOUR HARDSCAPE
  • Carpet Cleaning! Even though hardwood floors are becoming the norm almost all of us have carpeting and with carpeting comes stains, spills and spots. And when you have kids and pets…SHEESH! 7 CARPET CLEANING TIPS FROM THE PROS
  • Curb appeal can NEVER be underestimated or undervalued when it comes to selling a home. Here is a nice little article I came across offering some simple (and cheap) tricks to create some awesome curb appeal. HOW TO CREATE CURB APPEAL
  • High Performance Home! Energy efficient and long term money saving (and GREEN) ways to make your home perform at the highest level! HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR HOME’S PERFORMANCE
  • A story about the status of current loan delinquencies and non-prime loans (sub-prime). DELIQUENCIES AND SUB PRIME